The Whole 30: My Results

I started my first Whole 30 in January, 2015.  The novelty of my New Year’s Resolutions was still fresh, and I was equal parts excited and nervous to take on the challenge of thirty days of nutrient dense, real foods.  I remember the day before I was entirely unsure of whether or not I would be able to even make it one week.  But in true Whole 30 fashion, I just went for it. And I succeeded!  Thirty days without sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and dairy.  I said adios to the scale and scored many non-scale victories.  At the end of my thirty days, I had lost 5 pounds and 2% body fat.  I had also gained muscle, as my gym performance greatly improved as well!  In addition to a slimmer physique, I enjoyed the added benefits of increased energy, improved sleep, emotional stability, clear skin, and best of all, the feeling of accomplishment and control over my health and happiness.  Eating real and nutrient dense foods is so empowering.  Every dietary choice I made for the duration of the program was a choice that supported a healthy lifestyle.  I’m sure you have heard the phrase you are either feeding or fighting disease with the food choices you make.  The Whole 30 made me an ultimate fighter against illness, disease, and cancer.  I am so grateful for all that I have learned.  Although there were many challenges, at the end of the program I knew that I would be completing many more rounds in the years to come.  Are you interested in trying the Whole 30 yourself?  You have nothing to lose – it is entirely free on their website.  I also greatly benefited from reading the book that started the phenomenon – “It Starts With Food” (See side bar for link).  Click here for my earlier post for my top 5 tips for Whole 30 success.

Have you done a Whole 30?  I would love to hear your results below 🙂




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